Working Paper du Centre de Prospective et d’Etudes Urbaines – PADDI n°4: LIFE CYCLE OF FLOATING DEBRIS IN THE CANALS OF HO CHI MINH CITY

This paper is based on a research project conducted between researchers from LEESU, IGE and CARE on the esti­mation of floating plastic debris in the canals of HCMC. The presented data are from the Master Fellowship of Lisa LAHENS (UPEC and CARE) who conducted fieldtrips in Nhieu Loc – Thi Nghe and Tau Hu canals in spring 2016, un­der the supervision of Bruno TASSIN and Johnny GASPERI from LEESU and Emilie STRADY from IGE and CARE. It was enriched by meetings with various stakeholders involved in waste collection (technical departments, canal waster companies, districts…) and by the participation of the authors of the PADDI’s workshop on “Domestic garbage’s service management in HCMC”. This study has been conducted under the framework of CARE-RESCIF initiative and funded by incitative grants from IRD and CARE.

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Photo: © Morgane Perset