The Rhône-Alpes Region and Ho Chi Minh City have set up and maintained their bilateral relationship since 1997 in the areas of education, health and urban management. As early as 2001, Rhône-Alpes Region activities started to support Ho Chi Minh City’s various line agencies which have been facing urban management challenges as a result of rising population pressure, rapid economic transition and the city’s ambition of modernization.

In this direction, in 2004, Ho Chi Minh City, Rhône – Alpes Region and Lyon Urban Community (Metropolitan area) jointly established PADDI – the Ho Chi Minh City Urban Development Management Support Centre. Under the supervision and instruction of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, PADDI is tasked with providing institutional and technical assistance to the city’s specialist agencies in urban management. In response to the partner’s needs, PADDI works to provide intensive training and technical assistance and acts as a database (providing publishing and event-holding services).

Important dates :

March 2004: a French project manager is appointed to set up the project in close collaboration with the Vietnamese side to better meet Vietnamese demand.

June 2005: signature of the memorandum of understanding of the PADDI project and of the outline convention on cooperation between the Rhône-Alpes Region and HCMC People’s Committee.

January 2006: PADDI obtains legal status in Vietnam and appoints a Vietnamese associate director.