By organising workshops based on Vietnamese study cases; PADDI helps trainees build up their own reflective thinking methodology and to search for solutions. Each year, in discussion with the Vietnamese partners around ten topics are selected. These topics are then studied in workshops gathering between 15 to 20 Vietnamese professionals with a French expert and a Vietnamese convener. The workshops last five days and include three prime outcomes:

noimage The working group ;
noimage The hand over and outcome meeting with Vietnamese decision makers ; 
noimage The publishing and dissemination of the workshop booklet which summarises all major information coming from the working sessions.

Since 2006, close to twenty two training sessions and workshops have been organised on diverse topics such as:

noimage improving the management of a bus route,
noimage from urban planning plan to implementation,
noimage land planning and management of constructions,
noimage public housing policy and quality management,
noimage standards and management of underground infrastructures,
noimage public-private partnerships,
noimage urban design,
noimage urban sociology,
noimage waste management and processing,
noimage the linking of town planning and transportation planning,
noimage …..

List of the workshops 2006 – mars 2009