Training courses

The training courses designed on the basis of Vietnam study case aim to support partners in developing methodologies and solutions particular to the situation. Each year, there are about 10 themes to choose from for each training course. A training course accommodates between 35 – 50 trainees and 2 experts, one French and one Vietnamese, as facilitators.

The training courses’ overall objective is to transfer knowledge. PADDI training courses are aimed to supplement the city’s staff training programs by providing new concepts, technologies and methodologies (which are more comprehensive and interdisciplinary) in urban management, taking into consideration the specific situation of Ho Chi Minh City.

The underlying idea is to study what methods and tools are applied and how the similar issues faced by Vietnamese specialists on their jobs are handled in France. This approach implies new ways of doing and policies and also helps spread knowledge through the publication of combined materials after each training course.

Providing technical assistance to specialist agencies

Some themes may solicit in-depth technical discussion. As to them, PADDI provides the same technical assistance as in the training course but more in depth and focuses on a specific theme in cooperation with the team in charge of that theme.

Database and event organisation

PADDI has a database related to all the urban issues met in Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam. These materials are available in the office of PADDI and at Resource center.

PADDI also provides book-translating services and conducts urban research by Vietnamese and French researchers.

PADDI participates in working missions and major events under the framework of cooperation between the Rhone – Alpes Region and Ho Chi Minh City, in contribution to their bilateral relationship.